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At Harmoniverse, we focus on a modern performance-based curriculum fostering your child's love for music. We encourage our students to play the music that they love, compose new songs and learn from the finest teachers. 

Our Tutors: Team
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Vocal Coach (Rock and Pop)

Gloria, is an exceptional individual who serves as the Lead Faculty for Harmoniverse's Western Vocals and Rock & Pop division. With a remarkable history on the stage, Gloria has had the privilege of touring with some of the most famous bands in the industry, including the esteemed Overlaps and The Rasmus. She is also an alumni of the prestigious Berklee College of Music. Notably, Gloria's expertise and captivating performances have also led to her being featured on Italian television.



Western Classical Vocals and Piano

Jean is a passionate teacher and accomplished musician with a master's degree. Her mastery spans piano and voice, as she has completed grade 8 for both from Trinity College London. Jean offers personalized guidance to inspire students on their unique musical journeys. Her deep understanding of music theory, history, and composition allows her not only to teach the technical aspects but also to instill a true appreciation for the intricacies of the musical craft

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Indian Classical Vocals (Hindustani)

Sulagna, is a devoted protégé of two musical luminaries.Under the tutelage of Sangeetacharya Pandit Amiya Ranjan Banerjee, she has imbibed the profound intricacies of Hindustani Vocal Classical music, particularly the cherished Bishnupur Gharana. Additionally, Sulagna's journey has been enriched by the guidance of Sri Suranjan Roy, a maestro of Rabindra Sangeet from the revered Sangeetacharya Sri Subinoy Roy Gharana. With their wisdom resonating in her melodies, Sulagna's music is a heartfelt tribute to these esteemed traditions.

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Indian Classical Vocals (Hindustani)

Mrs. Papri Choudhury is a very sought after and a senior faculty, highly regarded performing artist in Classical music. With more than 35 years of experience, she is a recognized artist and teacher. She is an AIR graded performing artist in classical music, Masters in Kheyal, and a Gold Medalist from RABINDRABHARATI UNIVERSITY.A Disciple of Padmashree Pandit Amiyaranjan Banerjee.(Bishnupur Gharana). She is focused on multi genre singing and training experience in light classical and modern songs.

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Indian Classical Vocals (Hindustani)

An extremely versatile singer and an AIR graded performing artist, Sneha is a disciple of eminent classical musicians – Padmashree Pandit Ajoy Chakrabarty, Acharya Jayanta Bose and Shanti Dev Bhattacharjee. She has more than 8 years of teaching experience in Hindustani Classical, Bhajans and Light Music.



Acoustic and Electronic Drums

Suraj is a distinguished Trinity-certified Drum Instructor. Specializing in the captivating genres of rock, R&B, and funk, he effortlessly weaves together dynamic patterns that resonate with the soul. With a rich history of teaching in India's most prestigious international schools, Suraj's years of experience have cultivated a unique approach that nurtures aspiring drummers into confident musicians. But his expertise doesn't end there – Suraj's versatile talents extend to the realm of music production, making him a holistic guide for those eager to explore the magic of sound. 



Classical and  Acoustic Guitar

Amitabha is a skilled teacher who believes in a complete learning experience. He started his musical journey at 8 years old, setting the stage for a lifelong passion. He accomplished his diploma in performance (ATCL) in classical guitar from Trinity, subsequently participating and contending in diverse classical music festivals nationwide. and was a finalist in the 2019 Calcutta Classical Guitar Festival. For 7 years, he has been helping students discover music and succeed in various certification exams.



Electric and  Acoustic Guitar

Steve is a certified Guitar instructor with a flair that's been honed over 15 years of dedicated playing. His expertise carries the prestigious stamp of Trinity certification, reflecting his commitment to musical excellence. Beyond his role as an instructor, Steve's influence extends to curriculum development for Guitar and music production, showcasing his deep understanding of the educational landscape. A session artist, he lends his prowess to elevate others' creations and strides under the spotlight as a live performer.



Electric Guitar and Ukulele

Prashanth, is a seasoned acoustic and electric guitar player with 8 years of dedicated teaching experience. Trinity certified, he seamlessly blends theory, technique, and performance-focused learning. Prashanth's expertise extends beyond guitars – he also adeptly teaches the ukulele, adding versatility to your musical journey. Whether you're a beginner or looking to refine your skills, Prashanth's guidance will nurture your passion and elevate your playing to new heights. 



Western Classical Vocals, Piano and Music Theory

Christopher is a Trinity Grade 8 certified vocalist with distinction, showcasing his full professional proficiency in training across Classical and Rock and Pop singing genres, along with a deep understanding of Music Theory. His expertise extends to leading and participating in numerous music workshops organized by Trinity College London. Holding a Distinction in Bachelor of Performing Arts - Music with a Piano Major from Spicer Adventist University, Christopher also holds a prestigious Associate of Trinity College London (ATCL) with Distinction in Piano Recital.



Western Classical Piano

Mr. Krishna, a certified music educator from Trinity College of Music, stands as a seasoned figure in our team. As our senior-most piano instructor, Krishna specializes in guiding students towards higher grade achievements. With a wealth of experience, he has successfully prepared numerous students for Trinity exams, consistently yielding remarkable results. His own accomplishment of completing Grade 8 further attests to his deep understanding of music and commitment to its mastery. His expertise is a testament to his dedication to nurturing musical talent and fostering excellence.

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Keyboard- Rock and Pop and Blues 

Prem, is a consummate professional in the realms of music education and performance, shines as both a teacher and performer. He is Trinity certified instructor, he embodies excellence in his craft. With a robust teaching tenure spanning 6 years, Prem has seamlessly guided students across a wide age spectrum – from 4.5-year-olds to those of the age of 60 – through the intricacies of keyboard and piano playing.

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